Welcome To Vidya Bharati Purvottar Kshetra

Welcome To Vidya Bharati Purvottar Kshetra

The Vidya Bharati Purvottar Kshetra is one Kshetra under which Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Nagaland are included.

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To develop a National System of Education which would help building a generation of young men and women that is cimmited to Hindutwa and infused with patriotic fervour; physically, vitally, mentally and spiritually fully developed; capable of successfully facing challenges of life;…

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Quality Education With Values

Quality Education With Values

सा विद्याया विमुक्तये

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"Vidya Bharati in not just a school. Here, we teach our children to be better human beings and not just sccomplised academicians. The endeavour here is to impart values and wisdom of the sages to the children of today."

States wise detailed information is visible when you visit this page using a laptop/ desktop The formal schools are categorized as Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary. Some of the schools have boarding facilities. Besides imparting value-based education, the students are engaged…

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Sanskar Kendra and Ekal Vidyalayas Despite long years post independence, crores of people in our country stand illiterate even today. Recongnizing this unfortunate fact, Vidya Bharati initiated teaching programs, especially targetted toward imparting basic education in slums, tribal regions and other acutely…

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Vidya Bharti has been playing an important role in the country in the sphere of education since 1952. Educating the students, inculcating in them cultural and moral values with social consciousness, it is building an able and complete and generation for the…

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Sewa Kendra

Vidya Bharati Purvottar Kshetra

With the object of both co-ordination and academic. Administration the Bharat is divided into Eleven Kshetras( Zones). The Vidya Bharati Purvottar Kshetra is one Kshetra under which Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Nagaland are included. The aim and objective of the Kshetra is to give Bharatiya Culture and Traditions through the education and promote the idea of self- reliance and brotherhood living among the children of Purvottar kshetra (North- Eastern Region) of India. It is pertinent to note here that the Purvottar Kshetra is affiliated with Vidya Bharati and its main function is to implement various academic and non-academic projects by which it creates the healthy academic environment with full co-operation of the society and to maintain the co-ordination amongst the various Tribes of N.E. Region through the education.

An Introduction

Vidya Bharati

Started as a small school – Sarasawti Shishu Mandir in Gorakhpur, UP, in 1952, Vidya Bharati has gradually grown in numbers with the support and blessings of the society. The unique feature of Shishu Mandir’s is that they need for an umbrella organization was felt and in 1977 the national body Vidya Bharati Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Sansthan was formed. Vidya Bharati with its 12,791 schools imparts education to 32,49,664 students.

The formal schools are categorised as : Pre-Primary, Primary, Upper-Primary, Secondary & Senior-Secondary school. For highr studies there are Collages and Teachers Training Institutes. In some schools hostel facilities are also available. Extra-curricular activities find a prominent place in all Vidya Bharti schools. Several state and national awards have been won by students in Sports, debate and science exhibitions.

Our Values

According to Indian Philosophy, the all-round development of the peersonality of the child is not possible without spiritual development. Vidya Bharati has laid maximum emphasis upon Bharatiya Philosophy and made it the very basis of her system of education baptized as “Panchpadi Shiksha Paddhati”. These five steps are : 1. Adhiti, 2. Bodh, 3. Abhyas, 4. Prayog, 5. Prasar – Swadhyay and Pravachan and the philosophy of all-round development of child is based on unfolding five koshas i.e. Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Jyanamaya Kosha & Anandmaya Kosha as envisaged in our Upanishads. This Philosophy has gained public esteem and appraisal in the form of ‘ Saraswati Shishu Mandir’ education system at primary stage and Vidya Mandir system of Education at Secondary & Senior Secondary level, education system at preprimary stage.

Specialities of Our Education System

The real strength of the country lies in the integrated development of the rural population. Hence Vidya Bharati is concentrating all its efforts spreading its network of schools in villages, remote and border areas of N.E. Region. To make our students enlightened citizen of Bharat, we lay equal stress on Computer Education as well as on extra curricular and co-Curricular activities. As a part of extra curricular activities we organise sports meet, cultural meet, science exhibition,quiz competrition etc. among the students, students ranked in the Kshetriya Level sports meet are qualified to participate in all India level, Akhil Bharatiya Sports Meet which is recognised by the School Games federation of India ( S.G.F.I.)

The co-curricular activities enable the students to understand ones responsibilities towards the society. It includes tree plantation, conservation of soil, protection of environment, children’s meet, social service, Sanskar Yojana etc.

To expedite the knowledge on the subject as well as teachnique of teaching, use of teaching aids etc. V.B.P.K. organises teachers training camp for a duration up to 21 days. We provide financial support to organise Seminars and workshop Publication of books and journals, financial assistance bfor construction of school building, hostel, library, Computer laboratory, Science laboratory, supply of free text books to poor students, teaching aids to school, free health checkups camp etc. However, to make the project a reality, V.B.P.K. needs money from the society. In this context we are performing the function of intermediary between the students of North-Eastern Region and the society.

Organisational Structure

In our North East Zone there are Eight State Samiti

1. Purvottar Janajati Shiksha Samiti

     VishnuPath. Radha Govind Baruah Road

     Guwahati – 781024 (Assam)

     Email : pjss.bbharati@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 8133040135

2. Shishu Shiksha Samiti, Assam

     Prasanta Path (Opp.T.V. Center), R.G.B. Road

     Guwahati – 781024 (Assam)

     Email : shishushikshasamiti@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 0361-2453976/2461124

3. Shiksha Vikas Parishad, South Assam

     Maha Prabhu Colny, Malugram, BhairabBari

     P.O.-Silchar, Dist.- Cachar – 788002 (Assam)

     Email : ayansvp83@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 03842-237800(O), 94352-65072(M)

4. Meghalaya Shiksha Samiti

     Kanchi Kamakoti Vidya Bharati Vidyalaya

     Jeevanram Mungidevi Goenka Complex, Upper Mowpren

     Lower Barapathar, Shillong – 793002 (Meghalaya)

     Email : surajsamirwb18@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 094361-14210(M)

5. Arunachal Shiksha Vikas Samiti

     Pachin Colony, Naharlagun, P.B. 352

     Dist.- Papumpare – 791110 (Arunachal Pradesh)

     Email : asvspachin@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 09402275292(M)

6. Janajati Shiksha Samiti Nagaland

     Kevijao Village, H. No. 609, Lane No. 04

     P.O.-Signal Village, Dimapur – 797116 (Nagaland)

     Email : nagalandvb@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 094368-32199(M)

7. Shiksha Vikas Samiti Manipur

     Bal Vidya Mandir Complex, Palace compound

     Imphal – 788002 (Manipur)

     Email : svsmanipur@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 096150-35658(M)

8. Vidya Bharati Shiksha Samiti Tripura

     Tripureswari Shishu Mandir, Ram Nagar

     Road No. 2, Agartala – 799002 (Tripura)

     Email : vidyabharatitripura1995@gmail.com

     Contact No. : 0381-2332216(O), 94364-52826(M)

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Qualitative Development

Shishu Vatika

Getting educated with the virtues like discipline, honesty, patriotism and courage one needs to get education in a cultured & civilized atmosphere from one’s childhood. The ideology of our Shishu Vatika is different from crèche, kindergarten of the convent schools. We planned…

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Manak Parishad

Vidya Bharati Manak Parishad (Aims To Improve The Quality Of All Schools) Vidya Bharati Akhil Bhartiya Siksha Sansthan is the biggest educational non-government organization in the country and must be the biggest in the world too. Today under its umbrella more than…

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Khelkood (Games and Sports)

Vidya Bharti commits itself to provide quality physical education to promote healthy competition, social and cultural vivacity amongst athletes. Vidya Bharti is also committed to develop the character & personality amongst the school athletes. Through coaching, training and championships Vidya Bharti commits…

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Vidya Bharati schools, alumni and current students can register and join the community.


क्षेत्रीय पदाधिकारी


Student Alumni

Assam Topper

Sarfaraz Hussain

“I am very happy at being rewarded for my hard work. After the exam, I was expecting a position in the Top 10. But securing the first position was unexpected. I am really grateful to my teachers and relatives for all the…

Meghashree Borah

Meghashree Borah of Sankardev Shishu Bidya Niketan in Lakhimpur district of Assam obtained the first position in the HSLC examination. Meghashree Borah hit the record appearing the exam, conducted by Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA), from Narayanpur Sankardeva Shishu Bidya Niketan…


Our View

The child is the centre of all our aspirations. He is the protector of our country, Dharma (Religion) and culture.The development of our culture and civilization is implicit in the development of the child's personality. A child today holds the key for tomorrow. To relate the child with his land and his ancestors is the direct, clear and unambiguous mandate for education. "We have to achieve the ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT of the child through education and sanskar i.e. inculcation of time honored values and traditions."