Informal Schools

Sanskar Kendra and Ekal Vidyalayas

Despite long years post independence, crores of people in our country stand illiterate even today. Recongnizing this unfortunate fact, Vidya Bharati initiated teaching programs, especially targetted toward imparting basic education in slums, tribal regions and other acutely neglected areas. These are called Sanskar Kendras and Ekal Vidyalayas; the letter being single teacher run schools. Students, teachers and countless other well wishers, come forword on every Basant Panchami to donaate generously, thereby creating the necessary funds to run such Kendras and Vidyalayas.


To cater to the need of needy children residing in slums and distant places Vidya Bharati runs Ekal Vidyalayas ( Ekal Shiksha Kendras) and Sanskar Kendras in such area. A teacher of a designated formal school is given the charge to run these.

Informal Education Units (609)

  Sl No   State Ekal Vidyalaya Sanskar Kendra
2Arunachal Pradesh